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Keeping a city safe can be a thankless job. The men and women below faced difficult situations on a daily basis, and though we often call police and fire fighters “heroes,” it can be easy to forget the ongoing struggle that defines their work. Every day is a new challenge, and the men and women below rose to meet those challenges. Learn more about their stories, we hope you will find inspiration in their indefatigable efforts. Use our interactive map to find these individuals and take a self-guided tour.

Off. Mary Beall – A Dayton Police Officer and loving mother

Ptl. Daniel Bruns – A 23-year veteran of the Dayton Police, killed while attempting to stop a fight

Cpt Frank Crabtree – Killed while fighting a 3-alarm fire at the Miller Auction Co. 506 E. Third Street

Ptl. William Dalton – Police officer, died in 1899 while pursuing a suspect

Ptl. Herman Drexler – Officer killed while stopping two robbery suspects in 1947

Clarence Dunkman – Known a “Bud,” a firefighter and company cook for the Fire Dept

Sgt. Amer Keller – The first Dayton policeman killed in the line of duty

Ronald Lowe Sr – Dayton Police Chief from 1995-2000

Edward J Madigan – District Chief of the Dayton Fire Department in early 1900s

Ptl. James Mobley – A heroic officer who was fatally wounded in the line of duty in 1970

Sgt. Daniel Sammons – Known as “Honest Dan,” the Sammons family served a combined 99 years with the Dayton Police

Ptl. John Stapleton – An 11-year veteran of the Dayton Police, died responding to a fire in 1916

Find these historic individuals on our interactive map:

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