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Historical People & Places


Dayton has been home to many world class athletes. These men and women worked day and night to perfect their skills. Now, we honor their dedication and remember that they inspire us all to push the limits of possibility and reach for the stars. Learn more about these great individuals, and visit them with our interactive cemetery map.


Beer-making is an ancient art. Dayton’s brewing roots don’t stretch back quite as far as ancient Egypt, but the city was once bustling hub of pre-Prohibition brewing. With a new age of craft brewing taking hold, it is the perfect time to recall leaders from ages past. Learn more and find them on our interactive cemetery map.

Business Leaders

Find out more about the men and women who founded and ran some of Dayton’s most historic businesses. These entrepreneurs and titans of industry continue to inspire Dayton’s business community to this day. Learn about them and use our interactive map to find their final resting places.

Clergy and Religious Leaders

These men and women dedicated their lives to public service and the service of God. They made a major impact on Dayton, and many of their legacies can still be viewed and felt today. It is a rare a beautiful thing for individuals to give themselves over to a higher purpose, learn more about these great people and take time for quiet contemplation as you find their final resting places on our interactive map.

Notable Persons

Some of the greatest sons and daughters of Dayton, Ohio simply defy categorization. These men and women whose stories are gathered here represent every aspect of life: the arts, business, leadership, scholarly pursuits and more. Many were active in more than one field. Learn more about them, visit them in the cemetery and be inspired to live life to the fullest.

Police and Fire

These men and women took on a daily struggle to keep Dayton safe from harm. The work they have done is invaluable, and the deserve the utmost honor. We find inspiration in their stories, even those tinged with tragedy, and we hope you will too. Learn about these brave individuals and find their burial locations on our interactive map.


The United States Armed Forces have laid a strong foundation for American independence since they first took up arms for the cause in Lexington, MA. Dayton has raised many great military veterans, and some of the most well known are buried here at Calvary. Locate their final resting places and learn their stories here.