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Cremation Areas

Cremation: New Options for Catholics

There are many questions and misconceptions about the Catholic Church’s policy on cremation. In 1997, the Holy See granted permission to American bishops to allow funeral masses in the presence of cremated remains. To find out more about approve cremation options for Catholics, click here.

Spirit of the Living Water

Spirit of the Living Water is our newest inurnment site, designed to evoke a sensation of sublime relaxation. Beautifully crafted stone combines with serene waterworks, divine scripture and the ever-changing beauty of nature to create a one of a kind experience.

A butterfly garden and trees filled with songbirds complete the picturesque experience. View photos, see pricing information and find out more about this beautiful option here.

Additional options at Calvary Cemetery for the inurnment of cremated remains.

Mahogany Granite Niches

The Stations of the Cross Mausoleum offers two types of cremation niches. The complex shows beautiful, colorful Italian mosaic niches design by Acclaim Artisans. The east wall depicts “Noah’s Landing”, with rainbow, doves, lake, flowers and trees. The west wall depicts “The Creation” with sun, moon, waterfall, mountains and fish. The south side of the complex has mahogany granite niches.The Four Pines is nestled in the midst of four Colorado Blue Spruce trees. The four columbarium units surround an inner garden that features a central fountain, benches for seating and paver brick walkways.

The Garden of Resurrection offers cremorials located in the center courtyard of the garden nearest a granite statue depicting Christ in the Resurrection. Prices of all cremation niches include opening and closing charges and engraving of names and dates. Standard in-ground burial options are also available for cremated remains.

Noah’s Landing

The Creation

The Evergreens

The Garden of Resurrection