William “Bill” Blake earned his spot in the Hall of Fame in 1964 after excelling in football, basketball and baseball from 1922-1926 while he was at UD. Bill was voted team captain for the basketball team for three seasons (1923-25) and was the captain of the baseball team for two seasons (1924-25). Although Bill remained busy with athletics he was also a member of the Academic Club, Monogram Club and Engineer’s Club. The following passage is a note written in Bill’s senior yearbook.

All hail the hero of many a meet on the gridiron, court, and diamond. “Bill” is one of the best examples in the class of what is known as a versatile man. We defy anyone to mention an important activity in which he didn’t have a hand. He was a star in three sports, and in studies and social activities he had his share of honors. With such a record behind him we have no fear that he will fail to make a name for himself in “Philly.” Good luck Bill, and may the god of fortune be ever at your side.”

Bill passed away in 1983 at the age of 80. You can visit Bill’s gravesite located at section 29 Lot 227.

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