Calvary Board of Trustees member Lynn Alejandrino knew her great aunt Minnie was a special person growing up. “She always read to us and gave us a love of books,” remembers Lynn. It wasn’t until Lynn was an adult that she realized Minnie had not only lived through The Great Flood of 1913, but that her aunt had written about her experience. “She was a very modest person and so her notes describe what happened in an understated way. But truly, she and several others worked heroically to save the children’s literature collection and the library card catalog from the flood waters.”

So here is a picture of Minnie Althoff and a copy of her notes, which were neatly typewritten and saved for reading on significant anniversaries of the flood. Mary McCarty featured Minnie’s first hand account in her special series about the flood in the Dayton Daily News.

To read a first-hand account from Minnie Althoff, download the following PDF: Minnie Althoff’s Account of the 1913 Flood


Published On: March 30th, 2013Categories: Flood, General News