Through blizzards, ice storms, high winds, droughts, floods, and many other extremes of climate and circumstances, Calvary’s grounds crew works diligently to make sure gravesites are ready when they are needed and the property is safe and beautiful for visitors.

Superintendent Rick Meade has often called Calvary a “small city” in the amount of ground and equipment needing to be maintained. In presenting these awards, Meade said, “I believe these three gentlemen are prime examples of all of the good people that we have involved with the service, maintenance, and management of Calvary Cemetery. “

“Their long term commitment and willingness to hang in there and do their jobs even under harsh weather conditions at times speaks to the character and work ethic of these men. “

“All three possess many talents that are valuable to our operations beyond and above what some may consider standard cemetery operations.  Their versatility and dependability over a long period of time is greatly appreciated by me and the Calvary Cemetery Association.”

“We have a beautiful cemetery property and a caring board of trustees. Our people are our greatest asset.”

Honored for their service: Keith Ward, 25 years (3/16/87), Denny Harris, 41 years ((5/11/71) and Grounds Manager Dwight Rawlins, 40 years (4/17/72)
Published On: June 29th, 2012Categories: General News