One of our current projects involves spotlighting the UD Hall of Fame Athletes buried here at Calvary. The goal is to find out some basic information on each athlete and then to write a short biography on each of them. Snippets of these biographies are being featured in WHIO radio spots during football and basketball games. A blog about each player is placed on our website.  We are doing this to celebrate the lifetimes of these athletes and the connection between UD and Calvary.

Surprisingly, it took a little bit of time and a lot of persistence to get solid information about the Hall of Famers, but we finally found exactly what we needed. The information came in the form of a class project from a Sport Media course taught at UD last year by John Woods. Each student was assigned five Hall of Fame Athletes to research and write up short biographies. Research was done via Google search and the UD Archives, located at Roesch Library, among other various sources. A very special thank you to John Woods and his Sport Media class for helping us to recognize the UD Hall of Fame Athletes.

Published On: September 16th, 2011Categories: General News