Serving the Miami Valley Catholic Community Since 1872

About Us

The Calvary Cemetery Association is an Ohio Not-For-Profit Corporation founded by Dayton’s Catholic community in 1872. A volunteer board of trustees, representing the Catholic parishes within the Dayton deanery, governs the association.

Reverence for the past and commitment to the future is our sincere mission at Calvary Cemetery. It may be a comfort and assurance to you to know that Calvary has placed 33.3% of proceeds from each lot sale into an Endowed Care Fund since its inception and continues to do so today. This ensures that Calvary will be able to care for this sacred property long into the future. By comparison, Ohio law requires “For Profit Cemeteries” to place only 10% of their proceeds into this type of fund. Thus Calvary exceeds the Ohio law requirement by over three times.

We are grateful for the tremendous vision and wise planning that our forefathers have passed down to the community. The rolling hills of Calvary are a beautiful and peaceful setting for a cemetery and will serve the needs of many future generations of Dayton area families.

As you continue your visit through our website, we hope you find it helpful in making important decisions you and your family will need to make when you feel the time is right. Calvary has a broad selection of options to choose from to meet your family’s needs and wishes. Our staff will help you to tour our grounds and facilities and to answer your questions.


Calvary Cemetery is a place of solemn reverence, vast historic significance, a center of community involvement and a treasure trove of  stories.

Our blog captures these aspects and more. Check back frequently for events, news and announcements, fascinating historical information and inspirational stories from the past.

Calvary History

Calvary Cemetery is home to a great many historical figures, but the cemetery itself has a fascinating history as well.

Learn the story of these hallowed grounds, and you will come to appreciate the significant role Calvary Cemetery plays in the Dayton community.

Green Space

Calvary Cemetery is a sanctuary of lush scenery just minutes from the heart of downtown Dayton, Ohio. The scenic state of the cemetery is made possible through our tireless commitment to maintaining green spaces.

Learn about our efforts to cultivate and live harmoniously alongside Ohio’s natural beauty.

Photo Gallery

Calvary Cemetery is a destination well worth visiting, but we have the luxury of walking the cemetery’s beautiful grounds every day.

Over the years, we have captured iconic photographs of monuments, natural beauty and solemn moments. We hope you will enjoy these photographs as much as we have